Meet Your Private Charter Crew: Pilot, Bill Gray

November 30, 2019

Private Charter Crew | Noble Air Charter

We’d like to take a moment to say: “Thank you,” for all of the expert, and dedicated professionalism of Noble Air Charter’s very own pilot, Bill Gray. Seldom is there much question to the expertise of the pilot, just an unspoken assumption that of course the flight will go off without a hitch. But that’s due, largely, to the professionalism of our highly-skilled pilots, like Bill.

1. What’s different about flying for Noble Air Charters versus other private air charter companies?

There is an emphasis of not only taking care of the customer from a safety perspective, but also providing the best service possible. There also is strong sense of loyalty among all the team members at Noble Air.

2. How many hours of flight time do you have? How much training do private jet charter pilots typically get?

I currently have 14,500+ of total flight time accumulated in both small and large aircraft. The typical training syllabus for a charter pilot is 40 hours of ground school covering operations, regulations, procedures and aircraft systems. The flight portion is dependent on the aircraft type, but typical flight training is 10 to 12 hours.

3. What goes into a pilot’s flight preparation? Do you perform your own pre-flight safety checks prior to takeoff?

In our Air Carrier Certificate requirements there are well-defined steps for preparing for a flight. To summarize:

  • Reviewing all pertinent Aeronautical Information (Airports, Runway conditions, Navigational Aids, etc.)
  • Meteorological Review (Check the weather)
  • Plan the Route, determine Alternates and Fuel Requirements with reserves
  • File the Plan with both the FAA and the Company
  • Manifest and Weight Balance Preparation
  • Equipment Check (Preflight the Aircraft)
  • Personal Preflight (Am I healthy, rested, and able to perform my duties safely?)

I always perform my own preflight and safety checks before each flight.

4. Do you prefer flying light jets versus very light jets or even larger jets?

I happen to enjoy flying any aircraft. The view from the “office” is the best in the world no matter where you’re flying, but I prefer flying light jets because of the flexibility it affords to operation into smaller airports and the comfort it affords the passengers.

5. What can you share about what you’ve learned that might surprise your passengers?

A brief summary would be:

  • Treat people like you want to be treated in all circumstances.
  • Be a professional airman so you never have to discover how good of a pilot you are.

Our private charter crew is here to make your private air charter experience as enjoyable, safe and affordable as possible. Book your next trip now.

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