Very Light Jets

A very light jet is a category of small business jets seating four to eight people and often with a maximum takeoff weight of or under 10,000 pounds. Very Light Jets are considered the lightest business jets and are approved for single-pilot operation. They are frequently used for regional charter flights of up to three … Continued

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Light Jets

Light jets are the perfect option for family and business travel to destinations within a few hours away. Many consider light jets to be the best value in jet charter. While comfortably fitting up to 8 passengers, other highlights include: mini galleys, an enclosed lavatory, and in-flight audio/video entertainment. Light jets are also commonly used … Continued

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Midsize Jets

Midsize jets are the suitable for passengers seeking longer-range travel such as transcontinental flights and for travel with larger passenger capacity requirements.┬áThe all-around performers in private jet charter, mid-size jets offer outstanding value for four to five-hour journeys. Typically seating up to 8 passengers, these aircraft feature stand-up cabins, a mini galley, and an enclosed … Continued

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Super Midsize Jets

Super-midsize jets extend your travel range by 500 statute miles for up to 9 passengers, compared to the Midsize option. Super mid-size jets feature wide-body cabin space, high-altitude capability, speed, and long range. These jets combine transatlantic capability with the speed and comfort of a wide-body, high-altitude aircraft. Not to mention the interiors feature all … Continued

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