The Islands are Open, so Take a Trip to The Bahamas!

October 10, 2019

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Do you really need a reason to escape to paradise? While Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands were devastated during the recent hurricane, many of the other islands were minimally damaged and are open for business. Support the region…and have some fun while doing it!

Other than aiding in their relief from the hurricane, here are four great reasons to take a trip to the Bahamas right now:
Bimini Island

Bimini is the closest island to the U.S. (a quick hop from Miami by seaplane), and is actually two islands: North Bimini & South Bimini. It’s perched at the edge of a sheer underwater cliff that falls thousands of feet into the blue abyss.

The Gulf Stream rushes north, washing past Bimini, feeding and warming its coral reefs and serving as a waterway for everything from manta rays to marlin, and sea turtles to dolphins. Ernest Hemingway frequented the island, back in the 1930’s.

Today’s visitors interact with wild Atlantic spotted dolphins that gather north of the island, while others snorkel in the Bimini Vortex.

Long Island, the most scenic island in the Bahamas

Long Island features beautiful dramatic cliffs that tower over its eastern shore, and is a haven for fishermen, divers, and boaters. You’ll enjoy soft pink-and white-sand beaches that gradually give way to tranquil, turquoise waters.

Spot Inagua’s indigenous wildlife

Inagua, the third largest island in the archipelago, is 600 square miles and is home to an abundance of wildlife, including flamingos: 80,000 of them. Inagua is also the best spot for bird watching in the Bahamas. More than 140 species of birds, native and migratory, can be found on the island.

New Providence (home of the country’s capital, Nassau)

Nassau’s Georgian-style houses are painted in vibrant Caribbean pinks and greens, the steps to Fort Fincastle are carved out of coral sandstone, and the fort itself is sculpted in the shape of a paddle-wheel steamer.

It’s also an animated city of 260,000, full of high-end retail, upscale restaurants, and late-night dance clubs that manages to be both: busy and tourist-centric without sacrificing its provincial charms.

The Bahamas is a country of more than 700 islands and cays beginning 50 miles off the Florida coast and stretching for 750 miles from Bimini in the north to Inagua in the south.

The tourism ministry encourages the use of a tool called IslandFinder to plan your next trip to the Bahamas. Fifteen islands that are highly recommended, via the tool, have been completely spared of hurricane damages.

There’s no better time than the present to experience the best and book a trip to the Bahamas. Contact Noble Air Charter to learn more about our commitment to providing reliable charter flights throughout Florida, The Keys, and The Bahamas.

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