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November 15, 2019

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Need a quick getaway? Sometimes you just need to get away, like jetting off to The Bahamas, ASAP.

How about a quick hop to The Bahamas from Miami? It’s easier, and quicker, than you’d think. You’ll unwind in paradise, where you’ll immerse yourself in euphoria, aka: Paradise Island and Nassau.

  • Paradise Island is 685 acres of pure euphoria, created to delight and enthrall guests with world-class hotels & resorts, restaurants, shopping, golfing, an aquarium, a casino, and an amazing nightlife scene.
  • Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, is a bustling metropolitan hub of culture and modern amenities.
Quick getaway travel to The Bahamas

It’s very easy to enjoy quick getaway travel with just two hours notice. Contact us now and we will:

1. Send you a quote.
2. Docu-sign and forward consent/demographic/passport forms.
3. Wait two hours (time needed on our end to file with immigrations/customs).
4. Get to the airport 30 minutes prior to takeoff.

It’s that simple. Our quick flight options cater to your needs and wishes. One caveat: Bahamas law requires that all incoming flights land before sunset. The last departing (Bahamas-bound) flight leaves Miami no later than 4 pm.

Noble Air Charter has been serving the Florida business travel needs for more than 11 years with an experienced staff. We specialize in the sunshine state and The Bahamas.

From the beginning, we served this niche market with a passion to make plane charter affordable, super-safe, and super-fast. Contact us now for your quick flight options.

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